8 Solo Camping Habits You Should Completely Avoid

Many people see camping to be a group activity; they fail to see that solo camping is possible. Solo camping can be so much fun if done the right way. Going camping alone can help you have enough time to recharge and find strength in being by yourself.

However, despite all the benefits of solo camping, your camping can still go wrong for several reasons. So, to have a fun time with you, never do the following:

     1. Never leave the house unprepared

I would have loved to use another way to express myself if I had a better one, but no matter what, do not leave your home until you have gathered everything you need. Be it information, food, tent, maps for your hiking trails, or whatever, ensure you have them handy before leaving. Study the maps and if necessary, ask questions. If you are going wild camping, ensure you have all the information to stay alive.

If you are using a new tent, you may want to practice how to pitch it before leaving the house. There will be a big-time frustration when you get to your camping site and fail to pitch your tent the right way.

     2. Never keep your trip a secret

I know, sometimes, solo camping is an excellent time to run away from everyone and their troubles but please, never keep everyone in the dark about your trip. Let someone know what you are up to and where you are headed. Let the person know about your plans and your expected day of return. Though solo camping is safe if you play by the rules, you never can tell when you will need someone to come running to your aid.

     3. Never be late to camp

Getting to camp late should not even be a part of your considerations except if you are an experienced wild camper. It is wise to arrive at your camp about an hour or two before darkness falls. The night can breed fear and can make it difficult to pitch your tent the right way. Arriving at the camp as the sun sets will not only give you enough time to arrange your things, it will offer you the privilege of enjoying the view of the beautiful sunset.

     4. Never panic

It’s hard to tell you not to fear when everything around you is speaking horror. The night can feel dreary because of the hooting owls, but you just have to take your mind off it. It is safe, and you have to know that it is only part of nature. Freaking out when alone in the dark is a part of human nature, but you have to keep yourself together. The lion will not walk to your tent. It will soon be dawn.

     5. Never be afraid of strangers

You have been advised to avoid strangers while solo camping. It is good to do so since you have to stay safe, but think about it. You could be meeting with another solo camper, and it could be an excellent time to build a bond. Never be too scared that you let go of a potential friendship. However, listen to your gut; if it says you should stay away, and if you feel uncomfortable about it, get out of there.

     6. Never be naive

Look! This may be your first time camping, but it is certainly not wise to go into the woods without knowing what to expect. You should gather information on how to protect yourself in case something goes wrong in the trail. I do not even advice solo camping if you have never camped before. Go camping with people first and gather as much experience as you can before setting off for a solo.

     7. Never go longer than you should

Being an experienced camper is one thing. Being an experienced solo camper is a whole nother animal. If it's your first time going solo, you may want one to go for a night or two. It’s okay to have a four to five-night solo camp after you have fully understood how to live in solitude. As you adjust to solitude, you can extend your camping days.

     8. Never let overconfidence crawl in

Hiking at home is not the same as hiking on your first solo trip. If 20 miles was like child’s play for you to cover back home, avoid going that length when you are alone. In the woods, you are lonely, and minutes can feel like hours when you are not with anybody. Stay safe and refuse to go too far from your tent until you are sure you can.