Best trekking locations for beginners

Trekking is more than simply traveling. Trekking leads you to life-changing moments you haven't experienced before. Not only are you visiting spectacular sites but you are connecting with them, too. As far as trekking is concerned, there are many popular treks in the world but not all of them are as pleasant as the ones we've mentioned below. We've provided you a list of the world's best treks available for you to explore.

Walking the land, sleeping under the stars, admiring the natural beauty, and swapping smiles with natives in far-off settlements is one of the best ways to explore a foreign world. The world's finest treks are no walk in the park. Instead, they're likely to test you both physically and psychologically while broadening your world view.

Inca Trail, Peru

This ancient track has rapidly become one of the world's most popular treks. This track, laid by the hands of the Incas, extends from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, about 2000 meters above sea level. The sight from the top is undoubtedly classic so brace yourself for long days and the chance of altitude sickness. Starting from the Sacred Valley, the trail to the city of the 15th century winds its way up and down and around the mountains and takes in three high passes along the way.

The Camino de Santiago, Spain

Perhaps the most prominent and historically important on the list, the Camino de Santiago stretches 500 miles west through Northern Spain, from France. Although some trekkers are doing so on religious grounds, some are heading for the social and/or physical aspect. If you don't want to, never expect an isolated time on the trail as it's incredibly easy to find other trekkers. Wait just for the Spanish wine to pour freely around the pilgrim dining table.

While many people take 5-6 weeks to finish the whole journey, it isn't necessary. Many participants, beginning from the small town of Sarria finishing in Santiago de Compostela, just do the last 5 days of the trek.

GR20, France

This challenging 15-day trek across Corsica (168 km, 104mi) is renowned for the richness of the landscapes it traverses. There are woods, granite moonscapes, wind-ridden craters, glacial lakes, torrents, riverbeds, maquis, snow-capped hills, plains, and névés (snow-forming ice stretches). But it does not happen overnight: the route is rugged and sometimes steep, with creaky bridges and unstable rock faces-everything part of the adventure. Constructed in 1972, the GR20 connects Calenzana with Conca, north of Porto Vecchio, in the Balagne area.

Pays Dogon, Mali

A place whose elegance has won it the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mali's Dogon region is one of the most magnificent regions on the entire African continent. Trekking here will take you through beautiful green fields and across the arid Sahel plains. You will see African settlements where people live in mud huts as part of their customs and hold veiled dances.

A trek here will last between two and ten days and brings in the Bandiagara escarpment cliffs inlaid with ancient deserted cliff dwellings. Dogon villages line the cliffs and form an incredible travel spotlight.

Kungsleden, Sweden

Welcome to the King's Trail-a Swedish national institution. This legendary route, cuts through Swedish Lapland's magnificent mountains, woods, and lakes, stretches more than 250 miles in its totality, but you can carry on as much or as little as you desire. There are numerous entry and exit sites, as well as picturesque fjällstations (mountain huts) en route for overnight stays.

You can stroll late in the evening under the midnight sun during the summer season, or opt to take the King's Trail in the autumn when you're going to have a decent chance to see the Northern Lights. Look out for the native Sami people who tend their reindeer across the wild mountain plateaus and foaming rivers of northern Sweden (a common route begins in the town of Abisko at the northern end of the route and goes down to Nikkaluokta's Sami village).

Glacier Point Hike, Yosemite Valley, California

Just because on the first time out the Half Dome climb could be too tough doesn't mean you can't experience some of the other hikes at Yosemite. Glacier Point could have more scenery per footstep at only one mile and mostly flat than any other hiking trail in the U.S. When you're at the vantage point, you'll get spectacular 270-degree panoramic views of some of the most demanding trails in the region, such as Cloud Rest, Mist Trail and the Sierra range peaks.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

If we're talking about the world's greatest treks, we absolutely can not forget to mention Tour Du Mont Blanc. It is one of the longest and the most prominent paths in Europe. Taking this trekking path means you will have the opportunity to cross three of Europe's most stunning nations, including France, Italy, and Switzerland.

You'll see the majesty of nature at its finest on your journey. From characteristic mountains to breathtaking lakes, you'll come across some of Europe's stunning sights. You'll also get the opportunity to see the spectacular glaciers in Europe. The path reaches a maximum distance of 170 km, with an ascent/descent of 10 km. Going on this journey could be the greatest life adventure.