Five Camping Recipes You Should Try

Camping, a great time to regain your lost energy! Are you considering camping soon? Camping can profit your mind in very amazing ways; and with the right nutrition, your body. Some people believe camping is no fun; they even think it is another hunger strike. That can be true for some because they do not know the best recipes to make their camping trip lit.

The following recipes will bring you the fun you desire from your next camping adventure:

  1. Epic summer salad

I don’t know how to mention camping without this recipe. It is easy to prepare and does not need cooking. If you’ve got a degree in chopping, you should be able to get this meal in your mouth within ten minutes; and after tasting it, you will never stop including it for buffet and BBQ.

The ingredients are common. You will need some baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, mango, red onion, sliced radish, crumbled feta and avocado. You can add some chicken or shrimp if you don't mind frying or grilling it up real quick. Having some coriander, a bunch of basil, a clove of garlic, mint, deseeded green chili, olive oil, wine vinegar and a little amount of honey will give you a perfect dressing.

  1. Omelettes

I don’t know how people feel going camping without eggs; because for me, camping without omelettes is no camping at all. They are straightforward to make, and any ingredient will just make it great. For this omelette, the basic things you need are eggs, chopped ham, cheese, onions and some pepper.

Omelettes can be a great way to make something productive out of your leftovers. If you had some leftover beans, rice or pasta, you can throw it in some eggs and make a cheese topping before setting it to simmer. You’ll love what you get.

  1. Pizza

Camping pizza is not so hard to make. You can simply use a pita to prepare your pizzas. Your ingredients can mainly come from your leftovers and other prepared food items. You can make your sauce, or you can use those in plastic pouches. You will enjoy the effect of the campfire on your pizza.

You can choose your toppings which may include mushrooms, sliced pepperoni, peppers, leftover vegetables, onions and olives, but do not forget to crown them all with cheese. You can make your camping pizza perfect by adding your favourite topping. It’s just you, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  1. Hot ham and cheese

These sandwiches work perfectly for solo camping as well as for the whole family. They will give you a perfect lunch with little or no stress of preparation. This recipe needs just 5 minutes of preparation and another 10 for cooking.

For this sandwich, you will need some sliced bread (any kind you like), sliced ham, cheese (of your choice), and tomatoes (optional). Add butter or oil to your pan. Cook one side until brown, then flip. Easy and delicious.

  1. Pasta

This is quick, easy and yummy, especially when some veggies are added. All you need is pasta (of course the dry one), vegetable oil, chopped tomatoes, cheddar (grated),  peas, basil, parsley and some black sesame seeds. You will need some salt and pepper to make it more enjoyable. All you need is a little frying and stirring, then boom! Your meal is ready.

You can always get the best

Having the best camping meals has little to do with what you do at the camp. The main thing is in the preparation. Before picking your camping bag and heading to the site, ensure you have prepared all you need for your meals.