Useful tips for first-time solo campers

Planning your first solo camping trip is a very exciting idea. But just because you are excited, you shouldn’t forget to prepare yourself for the trip properly. If you are new to solo camping, here are some important tips to remember so you will stay safe and comfortable throughout the quest.


  1. Don’t make your first camping trip a solo one

If you are a total beginner to any kind of camping, it is always better to get some experience before going on a solo camping trip. In fact, going on the first camping quest alone can be a terrible idea, and it can even put your life in danger. So, make sure you take part in several group camping trips and learn the basics of camping.


  1. Master essential camping skills

Even if you know the basics of camping, that will not be enough for a tough night out in the woods. So, it is strongly recommended to master the following skills before going on a solo camping trip:

  • How to navigate
  • How to pitch a tend correctly
  • How to build a campfire
  • How to clean water (if you run out the water supply)
  • How to set up camp
  • How to handle wildlife (especially predators like bears)
  • How to forecast weather
  • How to manage injuries and perform first-aid


  1. Know what you should have

You must have a checklist prepared before heading into the woods alone. For instance, you will have to carry items such as a sleeping bag, a tent, a compass, and other camping  equipment. If you don’t have at least the essentials with you, life out there in the woods can be very hard.


  1. One-night camping trips aren’t the best for a solo camper

As a new solo camper, you may think that it is more appropriate to plan a one-night camping trip since you are all alone. It is true that sleeping alone in the woods is uncomfortable. However, camping is all about blending with nature and being a part of it. To enjoy the best of your camping experience, you should plan at least three nights out in the woods. When you spend a couple of days alone, you will find your own ways to become more comfortable and enjoy nature.


  1. Never panic

You must train your mind not to panic under any circumstance if you want to be a good solo camper. There will be horrific sounds and illusions, especially during the night. When you are alone, even a little sound can be horrifying. However, if you are well-prepared, there is absolutely no need to panic. The key to succeed as a camper is to remain calm and observe.


Important: Don’t pick a faraway site for your first solo camping trip. It is preferable if you can find a place close to your home. As you become more experienced, you can adventure out into different venues.